Guide to Evagrius Ponticus

edited by Joel Kalvesmaki



Joel Kalvesmaki, Dumbarton Oaks

Advisory Board

Robin Darling Young, University of Notre Dame
Charles M. Stang, Harvard University
Columba Stewart, OSB, St. John's University

Bibliography Editor

Michel F. Vasquez, independent scholar


Updated quarterly, the Guide to Evagrius Ponticus is an open access, peer-reviewed publication. Cite it as follows:
Joel Kalvesmaki, ed., Guide to Evagrius Ponticus, winter 2017 edition (Washington, DC, 2017),
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Pages are set in Adobe Garamond Premiere Pro. Rob Garrison's tablesorter powers the Writings and Bibliography displays. The corpus data derives from TAN-c files (Text Alignment Network); bibliography data, from a Zotero group.